ROOM-LINK user experience
STX Finland Rauma shipyard

Jul 02, 2013

ROOM-LINK in use for various ship types at Rauma shipyard project design.

The STX Finland Rauma
shipyard project design team wanted to cut down the time needed to define the NAPA compartment model. In addition they wanted to integrate the NAPA model and its analysis better into their ship design process.

Mr Jukka Vasama, Manager of Naval Architecture Department, tells: “In our team we want to do our designs with AutoCAD and then experience the benefits of NAPA right after. After having used the ROOM-LINK system for a while we noticed that making detailed models is very convenient and it saves surprisingly lot of time with large models. Also compared to our previous method the working style is now much more relaxed while more efficient."

STX Rauma shipyard proposed the development of the ROOM-LINK. The work effort was accomplished as a joint venture by companies Ship Solutions FI Ltd Oy and Nerom Software Oy. STX Rauma is a long time user for NAPA and applies AutoCAD for the General Arrangement design among other things. ROOM-LINK improves the quality of the outcome model by cutting down the human errors which easily slipped in with the previous working method.

Mr Vasama continues that: "First of all it was delightful to experience the pace the Ship Solutions and Nerom team responded to our requests. Our idea was to shorten the time spent to the manual information transfers between AutoCAD and NAPA models, and to enhance the information flow between these two systems. I was more than happy to have ordered the work and can confirm that design costs are saved in such a short while that nobody can complain.

Quotes from Mr Jukka Vasama, Manager of Naval Architecture Department at STX Finland Rauma Shipyard.

ROOM-LINK 1.0 demo video (HD):


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