Convert AutoCAD drawing into NAPA compartment arrangement

ROOM-LINK 1.0 demo video (HD):

  • Cut down the time needed to make the NAPA compartments and the ship model
  • Make the NAPA arrangement while you design the general layout
  • Keep the primary ship design and information in AutoCAD and let the link to build the NAPA geometry and the arrangement
  • ROOM-LINK helps you gain much better control over the design process under frequent design modifications
  • Forget measuring and calculating points and typing in the geometrical dimensions in NAPA - benefit on AutoCADís superior drawing functionality
  • Enjoy designing the detailed and sometimes even complicated shapes in convenient and efficient way with AutoCAD and simply link the shapes to NAPA
  • No need to master the skills of NAPA surface and room modelling any more - let ROOM-LINK do the work. ROOM-LINK does the internal deductions between overlapping rooms automatically
  • ROOM-LINK is flexible with the modelling, you can do the surfaces and the rooms also under NAPA and then refer to those in AutoCAD drawing - combining objects and working methods work well together

Check some user experiences on ROOM-LINK:

- STX Finland Rauma Shipyard
- STX Finland Turku Shipyard

ROOM-LINK is a system that converts polyline contours in an AutoCAD drawing into a compartment arrangement in NAPA. Instead of defining the rooms and purpose attributes in NAPA do it by drawing and adding compartment information into additional layers in an AutoCAD General Arrangement drawing. Rooms and surfaces are formed from closed AutoCAD polyline curves. Shapes like rectangle, polygon, arc, circle or ellipse and any combination of these are easily defined.

With ROOM-LINK you can define rooms of a single section layout like one deck in one operation. You operate the system via mouse clicks with AutoCADís well known and easy to learn graphical user interface. The link system imports the needed surfaces and rooms with given names and given purposes into NAPA. In NAPA there is a tailor made interface window to control and plot the imported rooms.

ROOM-LINK contains functional checks before making the NAPA compartments. Link informs the user if a definition would fail e.g. if some other object with the same name already exists in NAPA or if a referenced object is missing.

ROOM-LINK is developed together with the company Ship Solutions FI Ltd. System specification and feature requirements are made in close cooperation with our customers. ROOM-LINK functionality and operation are specified by ship designers to fit the needs of ship designers.

Minimum amount of the pre-required information under NAPA is
  • The surface of the hull form
  • The surface of the deckhouse, if rooms above the hull surface limits are to be defined
  • Surfaces of the decks

Additionally you can easily refer to any room object defined in NAPA. Link knows to use those as reference and not to modify them. Tall vertical rooms like lift and other system channels are easy to control in the ROOM-LINK.

Currently Nerom ships ROOM-LINK version 1.2. The major new features are:

  • Curves in primary planes can be generated
  • Surfaces of type Cylinder, Double cylinder, Deck as facet and Connection Surface can be generated
  • Automatic naming of compartments
  • Generation of reference surfaces Ėoption
  • Tools supporting the application of bitmap files as the base layer for geometry
  • Exceptions in defining rooms can be given for individual rooms
  • Room to be defined but not to be included in the room arrangement
  • Rooms can be made from parts
  • Any attribute information stored in an AutoCAD block definition can be linked also over to NAPA


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