Nerom Shared Drawing

Nerom Shared Drawing -concept is simple - multiple users access the actual AutoCAD document at the same time. No need to copy data back and forth any longer. Anyone can see the latest status of the document once it is opened. Updates to the document are shared and edited in real time, just like when drawing onto a whiteboard together.

Nerom Block Cleaner

Nerom Block Cleaner is a tool for cleaning and decreasing the file size of an AutoCAD document. It works with the blocks in the drawing. Block Cleaner removes unnecessary object types, converts and re-organizes objects in blocks so that the total number of partial elements is decreased. According to the experience with large models Nerom Block Cleaner can squeeze off even 40% of the data size.


ROOM-LINK is a system that converts polyline contours in an AutoCAD drawing into a compartment arrangement in NAPA. Instead of defining the rooms and purpose attributes in NAPA do it by drawing and adding compartment information into additional layers in an AutoCAD General Arrangement drawing. Rooms and surfaces are formed from closed AutoCAD polyline curves. Shapes like rectangle, polygon, arc, circle or ellipse and any combination of these are easily defined.

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