Nerom Shared Drawing

  • Produce and edit the same single AutoCAD drawing in a group
  • Shared drawings are stored either to your own server or in a cloud
  • Forget copying and saving data
  • No new training with AutoCAD needed
  • Modifications take place in real time
  • Shares instantly the latest status of work within the group

Nerom Shared Drawing -concept is simple - multiple users access the actual AutoCAD document at the same time. No need to copy data back and forth any longer. Anyone can see the latest status of the document once it is opened. Updates to the document are shared and edited in real time, just like when drawing onto a whiteboard together.

Further features

  • AutoCAD blocks are shared within a project - changes apply to all documents immediately
  • Applies user profiles which improve and help the layer control and the multiple access
  • You can get a history version of the drawing at any point in time


Pilot version published in 2015. Shared Drawing can be plugged in to full AutoCAD versions 2015, 2016 and 2017.
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