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Mar 31, 2015
Nerom Software joined
in the Autodesk OEM Software Partner Program

Feb 1, 2015
Nerom partners
in the Autodesk Developer Network

Apr 1, 2014
New faces in the company
Nerom Software Oy (Ltd) is proud
to announce new partners

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Who we are?

We are a few skilled entrepreneurs who started Nerom Software operations in 2013. Altogether we share over 50 years of experience in various disciplines of 3D design software. More...

What we do?

Our first product is the ROOM-LINK which helps ship designer to create 3D NAPA model directly from an AutoCAD drawing. We make CAD tools to integrate with each other. More...

Who do we help?

Our first customers are shipyards and ship design organisations using NAPA system in their design process. We understand the problems the designers have with 3D modeling. More...
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